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Child Soldier

I recently scored Charlie Crane's Child Soldier. A short film based on the true story of one boy's experience in the Angolan civil war. It's beautifully shot, and a moving and important subject. Both the director and I were keen for the music to support, rather than dominate the film and we spent a while experimenting with different colours. We settled on the sound of the viola to carry the voice of the film which John Garner performed very sensitively.



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Excited to share a project I've co-written the music for with George Fenton. It's been an honour to work with Ken Loach on this and it's a great campaign! Going out as part of the party political broadcast on BBC 1, ITV, Channel 4 #WeDemand

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Brass Recording at Air Lyndhurst

Wednesday was a day of great fun this week. A whole day spent recording brass for Cavendish Music. I'd written some Big Band music for the morning and enjoyed conducting the symphonic (huge) brass section for more pieces I'd written in the afternoon. Was a good opportunity to dust off the baton (see picture below)!

Air Lyndhurst Hall a wonderful studio to work in, with a terrific acoustic. This with the marvellous Jake Jackson recording, some of the best brass players in the world, and having some friends present made for a very good day. I can't wait to hear the recordings in their glory!  Thanks to Arun, Taz, Jake, Nick, Chris, Amy and all the musicians for such a wonderful day

Cinematic brass recording at Air Lyndhurst Hall today! Sounds huge! #Brass

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The House of Christmas – EP released

A 4 track EP of new christmas carols is now released on Air Edel Records. Recorded with a virtuoso quartet of singers and a pianist and recorded and mixed by Abbey Road engineer Jonathan Allen. The EP is now available across a number of digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify! This was a wonderful day of recording and I'm so pleased to share the results of it. A huge thank you to all involved! Hope you enjoy, best served with sherry & a mince pie!

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intu Christmas Ad 2016

I was thrilled to compose the music for the newly released intu Christmas ad campaign 'Your Kind of Shopping'. Beautifully hand crafted puppets, with real character and charm are brought to life by the talented Joe Mann from Blinkink. Performed with pro puppeteers from the Warhorse stage production

The music uses a small ensemble, featuring 'cello performed by Lily Thornton.

Here is the full advert and below the 'making of documentary' that I was also happy to the music for.

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Dark and Quirky Orchestral Album – now released

After much time spent mixing, the tracks we recorded in Budapest are now released. Available from Cavendish Music for use in productions they are playful, macabre, dark, and haunting. All are recorded live with the Budapest Studio Orchestra in Tom Tom Studios. Huge thanks again to Sandor and all the staff and musicians at Tom Tom, and to Taz for his time and dedication to what I think are some fantastic resulting mixes.

The tracks are available here:

Here they are:

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Hood: Series Broadcast on the BBC

I'm pleased to announce that the entire Hood series, for which I composed the music is being broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra. The first episode was shown on the 14th February and the series is available on iplayer. it features some terrific strumming from guitarist Andrew Simmons (on a variety of plucked instruments) as well as some wonderful cello performances by Lily Thornton. There are plenty of drums too...


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Album Recording in Budapest

A fun few days were spent this month recording the Budapest Studio Orchestra for a new album of quirky orchestral music in collaboration with Cavendish Music. Orchestrations were full of colour and a sense of the macabre and the 54 piece orchestra (including a saxophone section) played with technical finesse and lots of character. I can't wait to share the mixes! Thanks to Taz, Sandor, the musicians, and all at Tomtom Studios for such a terrific experience.

More photos to come but here's one I snapped of the room shortly before our huge brass session!